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We compare All Australian Qualifications independently for you!

Welcome to Compare Education Costs

Welcome to Compare Education Costs, our webpage is FREE for Local and International Students to explore Australian Education. You can explore the costs of studying in Australia as many times as you like at No Cost, Zip, Nada; it's FREE?

We are happy to provide both Local & International students with the information that you need to make an informed affordable decision about your education.

Here are some common student statements;

Oh I can get funding? Well what you're actually saying is "Oh I can get a debt!"

How large do you really want your educational debt to be?

Educational Funding isn't a Visa, you will need to pay it back even after you have passed on?.. :(

International Student may be asking why study in Australia?

Apart from the obvious Australia is a great place to study and to live, our page will help you to see where and how you can meet your life and learning needs?

We list quality colleges, institutions and universities to help you find the study areas you're looking for, such as, where you can study English in Australia right through to engineering universities in Australia. This will assist you to make an informed decision about your opportunities before you enroll?. :)

It really does pay to shop around and Save Coin!

For your convenience you can search by "name of the course" or keywords in the search bar or simply use the drop down tabs if you're not sure what to study.

Once you have completed a search the course result may have a "Details Tab" at the top of the listings. This gives you the course description, employability outcomes and likely salaries applicable to that industry area.

In addition, search results afford you with an option to directly email the institution/study faculty to enquire about a specific course listing that you are interested in?.

If you are a Local Student you should consider the following;

If you are eligible for funding there may be additional costs, such as, term administration fees, non funded costs over and above the funding cap that adds up over the period of study?..

For example; Vet Fee Help Funding has caps on the amount of funding that you may be eligible for. Anything over the VET Fee Help cap you will need to pay. There are no limits to what eligible Vet Fee Help educational institutions can charge over and above the cap amount. Did you know you could be paying significantly more for your education without realising it!

Although this is a very competitive marketplace cheap does not always equal quality?..

To improve your future outcome(s) often "Boutique" educational institutions have performed better in recent years! Although they can be more difficult to achieve entrance it may be a good place to start?..

There are many quality small and large educational institutions, who maybe either public and or private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). You should research educational institutions reviews; Compare Education Costs; study mode/delivery to ensure that the course meets your needs (Online isn't for everyone, just saying?). Join our FREE student community, save your searches, get our Free study guide and video filled with helpful tips and much more?. If you like we can send you an email with Hot Course Listings and new educational developments as they occur, such as funding or visa changes.

In terms of Higher Education for Local Students, the CSP funding may vary from institution to institution and you may find that you can save $500 per year if you study at ?. Therefore over a 3 year degree you would have saved $1,500 every little bit helps right?. :)

You really need to look for affordable universities in Australia to meet your needs....

I?m guessing you might want to buy a house one day? It really is a good idea to explore educational costs first as your student debt will influence future lending?..

To increase your employability opportunities, commonly many students continue to complete a Masters degree in their lifetime. You may decide to complete further part-time or full-time study this is another area that you really should explore before you ENROLL at the outset?

Consider this, you may prefer to continue studying at the same institution/university, you may have achieved an enter score to gain funding for your Masters degree (check the student contribution amount) or you may need to pay the full fee. Both situations are very interesting you may find that the cost to continue at this institution/university almost doubles, once again Planning, Planning, Planning is the key?.

We have the data check it out for yourself and see how you can save Today!

If you are an International student consider this?..

Where to start hmmm? there are so many savings to be made it is simply ridiculous!

You can save thousands by using Compare Education Costs, exploring study areas like diploma courses in Australia for international students right through to the top engineering universities in Australia. We list quality Australian institutions for you to browse your study options before you enrol. If you require further information about an institutions course you can send institutions a direct email.

At the outset you may need to study English in Australia, this cost varies from a few hundred to maybe a thousand(s) depending on where you want to study and the duration of study. Although to commence it's probably better that you explore your main diploma study area and or degree first as there are simply thousands more to be saved. For example, you may choose to complete a diploma of education in Australia and then continue with an advanced diploma course in Australia, completed over say 5 years leave and then return and complete a degree. The competition for international students is extremely high in all states of Australia particularly with the new visa requirements that appears to have opened up more opportunities for students.

Our social media posts, such as, Facebook lists the "New Hot Courses" that may help you to meet your needs stay tuned?.

In addition, you can join our FREE student community where we will send you Newsletters and New Hot Course Listings as they appear on our webpage. As a student community member we will also provide you with an opportunity to read fellow students feedback reports where they Rate and Rank their educational experience so you can make an informed decision.

So it really does pay to do your HOMEWORK and PLAN so that you don?t end up with a huge debt that you could have easily avoided at the outset.

Until next time all the very best